We developed remap to enable you to quickly map and report the status of ecosystems, contributing to a global effort to assess all ecosystems on Earth under the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. The remap tool has a simple workflow to allow you to find your region of interest, develop a training set to train the classifier, assess your results and download your data.

Use the remap user guide and tutorials to quickly get started with making maps with Remap.

PDF Tutorials

  • 1. Remap user guide PDF
  • 2. Mapping a single ecosystem type PDF
  • 3. Mapping land cover change over a 15 year period PDF

Sample Data

  • Deforestation training set: CSV JSON
  • Mangrove training set: CSV JSON
  • Cheduba Island landcover training set: CSV JSON
  • Dubai Coastal Reclamation Dataset (2003): CSV JSON
  • Dubai Coastal Reclamation Dataset (2017): CSV JSON
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